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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions about cleaning services.

The time needed for a home cleaning can vary based on many factors.

Factors that affect the time cleaning may take include:

  • The condition and size of the home: For example, has the home been cleaned in the last few months, or maybe it’s been years since it was professionally cleaned? If it hasn’t been professionally cleaned recently, has the home been kept up in between cleanings? All these things play into the amount of elbow grease and time required to clean and can add or subtract away from the total time needed.
  • Any extras requested with the cleaning: We offer additional services like deep cleaning, baseboards, inside the oven, and wet wiping of the blinds. All these services add additional time depending on what’s being requested.
  • Which team is assigned to the home cleaning: It’s no surprise our home cleaners are human; some cleaners clean faster than others. We use flat rate pricing on all our cleanings. This intentional practice allows our cleaning teams to take their time and focus on the cleaning done well without being rushed.

All this to say, all homes are unique, and all cleaners work at different speeds. Spending more time in a home doesn’t always lead to better results. For this reason, we don’t charge by the hour for our services. The best results come from focusing on completing a list of cleaning tasks and completing them well.

That said, we expect a standard cleaning for most homes takes between 2-4 hours for one cleaner.

While we expect most homes to fall into this time frame, not all will, which should be expected.

If a more accurate timeline is needed for planning purposes, we’re always happy to provide a possible time range over the phone or by email. Feel free to call or email us anytime. We’re always glad to help!

NOTE: We’ve learned it’s impossible to guarantee an exact time since all homes are different and all cleaner(s) work at different speeds.

Of course! It’s no secret the more often we visit a home, the easier it is to clean the next time out. 

That said, we give discounts to customers who can get on a recurring schedule. The more frequent we can come, the bigger the discount we can offer! 

The discounts offered are as follows:
Monthly: 10% Off Bi-Weekly: 15% Off  Weekly: 20% Off

The size of the cleaning team will vary based on a lot of factors. Some of our cleaners go in a team of two, and others clean solo.

Depending on the job size, we may send a team of two or a solo cleaner, depending on the requirements. Homes that are less than 2,500 SQFT with few extras will almost always get a solo cleaner. At the same time, larger homes or homes with more add-on services will typically get two people if two cleaners are available.

A lot of who we’re able to send depends on the time of the day, time of the year, and several other factors that are out of our control.

That said, if you require a certain number of cleaning professionals or are in a hurry and need the cleaning service completed sooner, let us know those specific needs by adding a note in the booking when booking online or letting us know over the phone, so we can do our best to accommodate.

We’re always happy to do whatever we can to ensure the cleaning goes well. We just have to know what’s needed to make it happen. 🙂

We know how important it is to build rapport with the people working in your home. Especially if they’re coming weekly, we do our best to keep you with the same cleaner(s) as much as possible. For recurring appointments, we’ll try and send the same team every time unless instructed otherwise.

With that, we ambitiously want our cleaners to be available every time. We, unfortunately, haven’t gotten our robot cleaners built yet. So until then, we do work with human beings. That being the case, they take vacations, get sick, or sometimes switch careers. This won’t happen often, and we’re usually pretty good about sending the same cleaners if possible.

If we do need to switch the cleaner for any reason and we’re unable to connect with you via text, phone, email, or if it’s a soft request (Example: “Please, send Jessica if she’s available.“), we’ll assign the best cleaner(s) we have on our roster at the requested date/time.

The good news is that our cleaning professionals are highly vetted, world-class cleaners you know you can trust.

Tidy Touch is fully insured & bonded. As part of our insurance coverage, we do also have bond insurance. While we get this question, often, many haven’t had the opportunity to learn what bond insurance covers.

Bond insurance covers anything that may have been stolen by one of our service providers. That said, bond insurance will require proof that an item was stolen. If you suspect an item was taken from the home without permission, please let us know ASAP so we can assist in filing a police report. The good news is, we take who we send to people’s homes very seriously. Because all our home cleaners are fully vetted and background checked, we’ve never had to use our bond insurance.

Rest assured, you’re in good hands. 🙂

As much as we love seeing and getting to know our customers in person, sometimes it’s inconvenient to be home during the cleaning. This is especially true during move-in/move-out cleanings.

In the case of move-in/move-out cleanings, once the home is empty, we suggest not being home for the best experience. Moving is complicated, and the last thing you need to do is wait through our hour-long arrival window in an empty house without a TV to watch.

That said, we always leave it up to our clients as to whether or not to be home during the cleaning. As long as we have a way to get into the home, no one needs to be present for the cleaning.

Whether it be a gate code or key under the mat, we’ll be able to get in, clean, and get out while you’re at work, shopping, or getting other things taken care of for a move.

We’ll even lock up when we’re done.

To let us know how to get into the home, just leave a note on the appointment booking or let us know over the phone while booking the appointment.

Our cleaners cannot clean behind the fridge and oven due to safety and equipment limitations. These areas often require moving heavy appliances, which can pose risks of injury or damage to the appliances themselves. If you’d like these areas cleaned, please pull these items out ahead of time and they can quickly clean these areas first and you can push them back into place once they are finished.

We pride ourselves on always treating our cleaners with empathy and respect. That means having the most competitive pay possible.

All our home cleaners are paid a highly competitive living wage. Because of that, tips are not required but are always appreciated.

Feel free to give your cleaning professional a tip. It will make their day! If you feel inclined, you can tip in cash or there is also a tipping option when paying the invoice. 100% of tips go directly to the cleaners. 

Payment is required upon completion of the cleaning service. Clients will receive an invoice via email to the provided email address shortly after the service is finished. We offer convenient payment options, including e-transfer or credit card, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.

We allocate a one-hour buffer time for all cleaning appointments to accommodate any unexpected delays or unforeseen circumstances. This buffer ensures that our cleaners can maintain punctuality while allowing flexibility for factors beyond our control, such as traffic or unexpected cleaning requirements. In the rare case that a cleaner will arrive outside the buffer time we will make sure to notify you.

Please note that we do not offer carpet cleaning services at this time.This means we do not offer carpet shampooing or steam cleaning of carpets. All carpets will only be vacuumed. If you require carpet cleaning, we can recommend reputable professionals in the area who specialize in this service.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the cleaning provided, we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation. Simply let us know your concerns, and we will work diligently to address them promptly and effectively. Please let us know of these issues within 24 hours.

You can cancel your appointment at any time, but we kindly request a minimum of 48 hours notice if possible. This advanced notice allows us to adjust our schedule accordingly and accommodate other clients. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we strive to be flexible whenever possible. Your cooperation in providing ample notice is greatly appreciated and helps us maintain efficient service for all our clients.

You can find what’s included in your cleaning under our checklist section. Our detailed checklist outlines all the tasks our cleaners will complete during the service, ensuring transparency and clarity about what to expect.

Our cleaners are committed to providing thorough and professional service, but there are certain limitations to what we can clean. We do not handle extreme clutter, chemical or biological waste, including mold, or anything related to rodents or rodent droppings due to health and safety concerns. Additionally, we do not clean garages, balconies, or any exterior areas of the home. If these conditions are encountered upon arrival and have not been disclosed, our experienced cleaners may exercise the option to turn down the clean upon further inspection.

A good rule of thumb to ensure the best cleaning results is to minimize clutter as much as possible before your appointment. This allows our cleaners to focus on thoroughly cleaning your living spaces without obstacles in the way. Clearing surfaces and floors of unnecessary items not only makes the cleaning process more efficient but also ensures that all areas can be properly cleaned and sanitized. Your cooperation in decluttering before the appointment is greatly appreciated and helps us provide the best service possible.

Our cleaners are super pet-friendly, and we understand the importance of your furry family members. However, to ensure their safety and the efficiency of the cleaning process, a good rule of thumb is to keep pets out of the way during the appointment. This helps our cleaners focus on their work without any distractions or potential hazards. Feel free to designate a quiet space for your pets to relax while we work, ensuring a stress-free experience for both them and our team.

We do not clean garages, balconies, or decks. Our focus is on the interior living spaces, ensuring they are clean, sanitized, and comfortable for you. 

We do offer exterior window/vinyl cleaning, however this will need to be booked separately from your cleaning appointment. If you have specific concerns or questions about what we can clean, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Please note that we have a minimum service charge of $150 for all cleaning appointments. This minimum ensures that we can maintain our high standards of service and cover the costs associated with providing thorough and professional cleaning.

We provide all the cleaning supplies necessary to complete your clean! However, if you prefer a specific product that we don’t have, feel free to provide it to our cleaners along with instructions on where you’d like it used (as long as it falls within the scope of work). Our team arrives fully equipped with high-quality cleaning materials and tools to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning experience. If you have any specific preferences or requests regarding cleaning products, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.